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Moisture-curing, single-component polyurethane foam, specially developed for the construction of chambers, wells and underground structures. Wastewater resistant High adhesive strength Certified waterproof and pressure resistant Resistant to vermin Resistant to chemicals and rotproof Resistant to frost and ageing Product advantages Ideal for sealing and installing manhole rings, tanks and small domestic wastewater treatment plants. Ideally suited for closing joints between chamber elements and for sealing house pipe connections Replaces time-consuming mortar work For outdoors Areas of applications FOAM FOR WELL CONSTRUCTION 1K PU Technical information Application temperature +5 °C to +30 °C Tack free approx. 5 to 10 minutes  (1) Can be cut approx. 2 to 3 hours (20mmbead size)  (1)) Temperature resistance -40 °C bis +80 °C (up to 100 °C for shortperiods) Curing time Full strength after approx 12-24 h  (1) Tested watertightness 0.5 bar (5 m head of water) Tested pressure resistance 8 N/cm² (10% compression) Colours Grey (1) Dependson the temperatureandairhumidity.Datadeterminedat+23 °C,50% relativeairhumidity;according toFEICA testmethods&ENDIN 17333. 30 PU Foams