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JOINT PRIMER JOINT PERFECT SILICONE REMOVER Cleaning agent for removing fresh and hardened silicone layers (up to 2 mm thick) as well as grease, oil and wax. Primer for strengthening porous, slightly sanding substrates in order to improve the adhesion of silicone and MS polymer sealants. Smoothing agent for silicone, MS polymers and polyurethane for perfect smoothing of elastic sealing joints. Outstanding cleaning power Ideal for preparing joints before sealing them Slow evaporating to ensure residue-free surfaces Compatible with most materials used in construction and sanitary facilities Suitable for use with mineral materials such as plaster, masonry, sand-lime bricks, concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum plasterboard, fibre cement panels, bricks, facing bricks etc. Easy to apply Excellent material compatibility Very good compatibility, also with paint systems and plastics (such as acrylic bathtubs) Ready for use Biodegradable No discolouration or washing out of freshly applied joints 32 Tools & Accessories